How to measure your Croth

Cavallo del Cicista

To determine the bike frame measure it  is necessary to know how many Centimetes there are beetween the Crotch C and the floor.

Why do you measure the Crotch and not the height of the Cyclist?

Reporting the frame measure to the Crotch and not to the the stature are ignored any disproportions of the neck or head that have no role in the determination of the bicycle frame measure.

How to measure your crotch

Please have the following:

  • A broom handle or similar stick
  • A meter
  • A pencil
  • Barefoot, in his underwear, legs straight, lean standing with their backs to the wall of a house wall holding the pencil in one hand and in the other stick.


  • Insert the stick between the legs, keeping it parallel to the floor stand up from the bottom upwards with the tip crawling the wall to which they are supported.


  • When the rod reaches the intersection of the lower limbs (Crotch), keeping it steady on the point that he reached the wall, and turn, keeping the tip of the stick leaning against the wall, make a mark with a pencil at the point where the tip of the stick touches the vertical wall.


  • With the meter measure how many Centimeters there are there between the pencil mark and the floor. This distance is a measure of your Crotch which is essential for determining the extent H of the frame of the bicycle.
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